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"boys of summer" a wonderful summer experience as they follow their Diamond Dreams
  this summer in Kansas
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FRIENDS OF THE Golden Giants (2017)  

Jerry & Janette Lemons
Gina Marshall
Mariani Family
Steve Loberg
Lonnie Ray and Kathryn Kay
Jonathan Didde, Edward Jones Financial
Brad and Rose Abrahams
Larry's Glass
Don and Betty Miller
Kelly and Douglas Prokop
Sonja Clapp
Marc Bunting
Ted and Michelle Clay
Mark Bredow
Ken Berry
Herman's Beef & Sausage
Luke and Alison Brewer
Darlene and Gary Whitlock
Steve Purser
Joe Hellmann
Daylon and Kelli Lambrecht
Darlene Wulfkuhle
Dave and Sharyn Marreel
Pat and Beverly Mallams
Chuck and Marise Wheatley
Ernest and Joyce Shaw
John Basham
Joseph Hoytal
Tilton and Tilton Chtd. -Steve Tilton
Bryan Kay
Bettis Contractors -Brad Kasl 
Les and Emily Demmel
Dan and Annette Tucker
Joan Gossett
G.J and E.M Siscoe
Jeff and Melissa Wellman
Bill Rowell
Jennifer Wooster
Julie Rome-Banks and Curtis Banks
Coy and Leora Kay
Tim and Kelly Mallams
Carol and Andy May
Rich Basham
Ron and Sylvia Banks
Tim Polka
Ben and Morgan Goethel
Darren Kay
Bob and Lola Stevanus
Karen Gustin
Judy Kay
Peter and Elaine Woosencraft
Doug and Karen Demmel
Larry and Peggy Knippelmier
Tom and Donna Woosencraft
Mark and Amy Weller
Warren and KathyFisher
Margaret Wilton
Cleaves-Bessmer-Marietti, inc.

The Cracked Crock
Cryster Asian Diner
Kansas Powertrain & Equipment
Spencer & Company

Farmers Insurance Agent Dan Key

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